Born in France, Made in Boston

Once upon a time, in the picturesque city of Grenoble, France, a young child's taste buds were awakened by the delights of sablé and Petit Beurre cookies. Little did he know that these buttery confections would set the course for a delectable journey ahead.

Fast forward to the present, that child, now a software engineer, found himself navigating a different world, immersed in the complexities of coding and algorithms. But his heart never forgot the sweet memories of those French cookies. In a bold career shift, he decided to bring those cherished flavors to life, infusing them into a new creation — shortbreads that would carry the essence of his childhood.

The journey was far from simple. Drawing on his background in technology, he embraced baking as a kind of science. With determination, he embarked on a delicious experiment. Forty iterations of the recipe, each adjustment painstakingly made with a few grams here and there, to reach the perfect balance of taste and texture. Much like debugging a piece of code, it was all about precision and persistence.

And finally, a recipe was born that encapsulated the essence of those childhood cookies. It was the fusion of French tradition with a modern twist, a tribute to where it all began.

But the story didn't end there. The realization struck that a great cookie deserved equally great packaging. With a passion for sustainability and thoughtfulness, he designed gift boxes that mirrored the essence of their cookies. Customized, eco-friendly, and created with love. Each box was meant to be not just a gift but a symbol of care and consideration.

From French roots to the culmination of baking science, it all came together. These handcrafted cookies and meticulously designed gift boxes were no longer just a personal endeavor. They were a perfect gift, ready to be shared with the world. A tasty, thoughtful, and sustainable present for your loved ones, representing a journey that started in the heart of France and continues to delight taste buds around the globe.