Climate Commitment

We tend to our own messes, you see.

E-commerce deliveries, my darlings, they cast a shadow on our dear planet, and we're not ones to turn a blind eye. That's why we've thrown our support behind pioneering enterprises that do the noble work of plucking carbon from our very air.

Together, the collective force of participating businesses has swept thousands upon thousands of metric tonnes of carbon from the heavens, all while offering carbon-neutral shipping for millions upon millions of orders.

Here's the nifty bit: With each order that graces our doorstep, a cunning formula swings into action, estimating the emissions our shipping might have released into the wild. Based on these reckonings, a slice of our earnings finds its way to vetted carbon wizards, certified by the discerning eyes of Carbon Direct's own scientists. These wizards, they work their magic, purging from the atmosphere the very carbon our shipments birthed.